Courtney Barnett entrega video de su magnífica “Kim’s Caravan”

Canción: «Kim’s Caravan»
Artista: Courtney Barnett
Álbum: Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit
Director: Bec Kingma
Comentarios: Uno de los tantos motivos por el cual marzo fue un mes muy especial para la música fue el álbum debut de la artista australiana. Aunque «solo» logró obtener una mención honorífica, en cualquier otro mes hubiera sido nuestro disco favorito. Para recordarnos por qué mereció tantos laureles, Courtney Barnett nos presenta hoy el video de la intensa «Kim’s Caravan». Más vale dejarte la letra del tema, la cual es simplemente brillante:

Watermarks on the ceiling
I can see Jesus and he’s frowning at me
I see a dead seal on the beach
The old man says he’s already saved it three times this week
Guess it just wants to die
I would wanna die too
With people putting oil into my air
But to be fair, I’ve done my share
Guess everybody’s got their different point of view

I was walking down Sunset Strip,
Phillip Island, not Los Angeles
Got me some hot chips and a cold drink
Took a sandy seat on the shore
There’s a paper on the ground,
it makes my headache quite profound
As I read it out aloud
It said «The Great Barrier Reef it ain’t so great anymore
It’s been raped beyond belief, the dredgers treat it like a whore»

I drank ‘til I was sinking, sank ‘til I was thinking
That I’m thankful for this view
We either think that we’re invincible or that we are invisible
When realistically we’re somewhere in between

We all think that we’re nobody but everybody is somebody else’s somebody

Don’t ask me what I really mean
I am just a reflection
Of what you really wanna see
So take what you want from me

So take what you want from me

Satellites on the ceiling
I can see Jesus and she’s smiling at me
All I wanna say is…